The Camper Concierge's favorite camp sites series #7

Lucky #7 takes us to Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Reminiscing about this beautiful place is definitely getting my mind, body and soul ready for this future return. Remembering the beautiful fall colors of the tall trees and the breeze coming off the water, has my mind on the perfect full moon weekend away this fall. Bree and I went on her first Broken Bow experience during the winter months and it is past time we take her for her first fall experience here. There are so many beautiful points on the lake and fantastic mountain trails to hike. YES, I said ‘mountain’ trails, I know Oklahoma isn’t known for it’s mountains, and they aren’t your typical northern mountains, but they are mountains, small, but still…mountains!

1268262499-bluehillsahead BB.jpg

Broken Bow, Oklahoma Mountains

There are tons of options for camping in the state parks, in various coves and different areas of the lake, with many different activities at the parks, like zip lining, hiking trails, fishing, some restaurants, museums, all the normal lake offerings and even a train ride for the kiddos. With primitive camping to full RV camping options and even various cabins there were offerings for all types of campers. The camping spots were really nice with a picnic table, fire ring, BBQ grill and water spigot and level areas to set up. We had the electrical hookup in the RV section and thought the set up of the camping spots was pretty easy. The bathrooms are standard issue state park bathrooms, very minimal.

With amenities like a winery, coffee shop and brewery nearby and some pretty tempting restaurants dotting the highway even the camper that doesn't want to rough it so much can be satisfied too. We had the most amazing brisket at a bar and grill called the Blue Moon Tower. It was so much food that it was actually two damn fine meals! We visited the local winery Girls Gone Wine, did a tasting and took in the super cute gift shop.

So I hope I’ve given you many great reasons to visit Broken Bow. I’m off to call Bree and set up our revisit for the very near future! Cheers!

The Camper Concierge's favorite camp sites series #6

Lake Livingston state park takes the #6 spot. We camped here for a Vintage RV Rally and absolutely loved it. Thinking back has me wanting to put it on the fall camping calendar for sure! Wolf Creek Park boasts fishing, a swimming area, miniature golf and many beautiful spots along the water to set up camp. With an onsite store that stocks many products, snow cones and firewood, forgotten items (and snow cones) can easily be retrieved. Bathrooms are pretty standard campground issue, nothing fancy. One of the best services at the park is the trash valet service where campers simply place their bagged trash at the end of their driveway for daily pick up. Apparently the folks that run the park have adopted a kitty that roams around and can often be found hanging out in various campers that invite him in.

Happy Birthday Bree!

Help me in celebrating my partner in crime, business partner, camping companion, concert going dancing nancie, star gazing and full moon chasing best friend a girl can ask for! Camper Concierge’s creative genius! Eat, drink and be merry! Celebrate we will, life is short but sweet for certain! Hope it’s the sweetest year yet Bree!

The Camper Concierge's favorite camp sites series #5

Cleburne State Park has caught our attention and peaked our interest in camping there. This state park gives us much to be intrigued by. As stated on their website this park claims a ‘Peaceful Getaway’. “A spring-fed lake, trails through the forest, quiet camp­sites – what more do you need? Get away from hectic city life at Cleburne State Park, just 30 minutes south­west of Fort Worth on the northern edge of the Hill Country.”


With nearly 13 miles of trails you can bike or hike, the trails range from easy to strenuous. Water sports include canoeing, swimming, fishing and kayaking.

Something that sets this park apart are the fantastic screened shelters. Each has a picnic table inside. Perfect for a family gathering or meal escaping the heat and our well known Texas mosquitoes. No bug zappers needed for a great meal in these little gems. With a camper or even multiple campers you can create a fun camping compound for a group!

The onsite store has ice, firewood, charcoal, ice cream and souvenirs. Cleburne is on our list of must do campsites. If you would like to book one of our girls and give this park a try we would love to highlight your personal experience in our blog.

Beachside Camping Dreams

This August heat in North Texas has us dreaming of beachside camping right now……

Anybody doing any beach camping out there? Our girls travel if you want to tow them!