Happy Campers is our business

We are a camper rental business in Dallas Texas that started with two friends camping under the stars in the most beautiful amphitheater in the country, wishing we were doing something that connected more with the things we really love. “WE” are Shannon and Bree. Then there the girls of course, our cute little fleet of vintage Shasta campers.

I am Bree, also an interior designer, and was smitten with the trend of renovating vintage trailers and day-dreamed of doing my own. Actually seeking a teardrop trailer, I stumbled across Betsy, our 1961 Shasta SC16 trailer which was definitely a project but just too good to pass up!  And so it began.  About 6 months later, and not at all because I was impatient about not being able to decorate or use Betsy, I saw another good deal and had to bring little Peggy Hill, the 1967 Shasta Compact, into the family.  Then about a year later, with the covert purchase of Pink, our 1963 Astrodome from far away Michigan, the family grew.  Most recently, on a mission to secure some photo booth equipment, we met Stella, a 1959 Astroflyte. At first we were just looking for her photo booth but she was so cute and sweet we fell in love with her and just had to have her to complete the crew!

My bestie Shannon brings shenanigans and her outgoing personality along with her growing marketing experience and talent, business skills, contacts and strengths. Together we bring our love of camping, travel and road trips, and a growing obsession over vintage campers together in a way that lets us help you connect with nature and create fun new memories, events, and experiences.  

We rent our campers to couples, friends or families that want to have a unique camping experience.  The campers are also available for photo shoots, backdrops, and for special events, like a dessert station, card reading booth, make up station or lounge area at a wedding or party just to name a few.....   That is if we aren't road-tripping with one of the girls ourselves...hehe!