How does it work?

  • Well, now that you decided to do something awesome in a vintage camper and make some great new memories we’re going to assume:

    1. you have a major credit card and are at least 18 years of age.

    2. if you’re camping you’ve secured your camping spot.

    3. if it’s for an event you’ve confirmed that we will have access and be able to set up. Let’s be sure we can get in & set up logistically. We generally have a footprint of 16’ x 8’ or less for the camper itself and need room to get in and out plus access to an electrical outlet within 100 feet and a level surface.

  • Reserve your camper online.

  • Reserve a package upgrade if you’d like.

  • When it’s time for your reservation we will deliver and set up your camper, and any package ad ons or services, to your requested destination.

  • At the end of your stay/event we pack it all up and take it home to clean it and put it away while you go on your way.

So you deliver the camper for us?

Yes, we can deliver the camper to your camping destination in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and set it up. We will charge a flat rate of $59 for delivery within 45 miles of Dallas and $1.00 per mile beyond that.  We set up the camper for you and connect the utilities.

If you purchased a package it will be set up at the time the camper is set up initially.

We take photos at the set up to verify condition.

A walk through of the camper can be done at the time the camper is set up. This is at the discretion & request of the camper. Some people need a walk through and others are fine to explore on their own!

What is the camper return process?

The camper should be returned in the condition in which it was handed over at the agreed upon time & place per Rental Agreement. 

A walk through of the camper can be done at the time the camper is set up. This is at the discretion & request of the camper.

We again take photos at the pick up to verify condition.

Generally it is expected that the tabletops and counters are free of trash and clutter, and the camper is generally tidy inside. Charges may apply if there is excessive cleaning needed but we expect that there will be some general cleaning needed after your use as equivalent to a guest room or hotel.

What about security deposits, payments and cancellations?

A refundable damage deposit is required to be paid prior to or upon pickup or delivery and is completely refundable if the unit is returned in the condition provided.  If there are damages, the deposit will be held until the damages have been assessed and quotes given on repair costs. 

We accept payment through credit card.  Reservations will only be confirmed once funds clear.  Please contact us if other payment arrangements are needed.

For cancellations, Renter may receive full refund of money collected, minus processing fees, up to 14 days before rental, and a 50% refund of money collected, minus processing fees, within 14 days of rental.  Cancellation policies for NASCAR, holidays, and special events are 21 days. 

Please keep in mind that refunds can take 15-30 days to process.  There are no refunds for early return or bad weather.  In the case of cancellation due to official severe weather then we will work with you to reschedule your trip without penalty.

What sort of spot and hookups are needed?

We can advise you on campgrounds but ideally you want a park that can accommodate RVs and you will want to find a back-in or pull-through spot with an electrical hookup.  Water is usually included at all RV sites.   We will provide you with the proper items needed to hook up the water and electricity.

For an event we generally need an accessible area of 16’ x 8’ or less with a level surface for the camper itself, plus we need room to get in and out as well as access to an electrical outlet within 100 feet.

Is there a bathroom, toilet or shower?

One of our campers has a potty and the other two don't have a bathroom at all. They are generally used for short trips and most campgrounds have clean bathrooms with showers

Do the campers have water?

Mostly the kitchen sinks and cold water faucets work but check on each camper listing.  The campers do not have holding tanks. We supply the clean hose and supplies for water hookup from the campsite to the kitchen sink.

How do I control the temperature inside?

They have plenty of windows and roof vents to allow for good airflow on a nice day but for these Texas summers these girls have ac!  Peggy Hill has a portable ac unit that chills the interior down quickly that can be used when hooked into shore power.  Betsy has a built in ac unit.   We also provide a small fan in each camper too. For heating, if that's needed around here ever, we will provide a heater. 

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, but please be sure to clean up after them and make sure they don’t tear up the camper.

What about other camping supplies?

We can provide you with other standard camping items if needed for a nominal fee. (Usually $3-10 per item per trip) Extra camping chairs, outdoor carpet, blankets, coolers, and other supplies available on request. See Campers for items included. A generator is available for an added fee on request.

What other things do I need to know?

There is a strict non smoking policy in the campers please! A $350 minimum cleaning fee if detected.

We offer long term and group discounts. Contact us for more info.

Can I rent a camper for a photo shoot or special event? 

Yes, we offer the girls for photo shoots and they are so fun for varied uses at parties, weddings and special events.  You can use them for special things like for a psychic booth, a lounge or dressing area, to serve special treats from them, or use them for eye candy in the backdrop.  We also now offer a photo booth

What packages do you offer? 

We offer a variety of add on packages for an upgraded camping experience! A party, a slumber party, a romantic getaway package and a glamping package are all options for an extra special campout experience. Available packages include the items listed for each package to include extra accessories, furniture and decoration related to your selected package. Set up is included at the time of delivery and set up of your camper. Food and beverages are not included in package offering.  We would love to work with you to customize something special based on your needs and occasion too!

A few notes on credits and refunds.

There are no refunds for early return or bad weather. No refunds will be made for malfunctioning microwave or appliances. All rentals are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the rental agreement.

It is our mission to set you up for a great time! If, by chance, you find there is a problem with your camper, please contact us immediately. Every attempt will be made to insure a wonderful vacation for you. There are also no refunds if we are not given the opportunity to remedy any problem.

We encourage you to let us know about your experience and level of satisfaction.